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Sri Maheswar Rao, IAS,
Secretary to Government,
Horticulture and Sericulture department
K S Manjunath, IAS,
Managing Director, KSMBL



Karnataka is a major Silk producing State in India, and accounts for 50% of India’s production. Silk reeling is a cottage industry, made up of small units, that are susceptible to the vagaries of the market. Karnataka Silk Marketing Board Ltd, is a Government of Karnataka Enterprise registered under the Companies Act, 1956. The Company was established in 1979 along with the formation of "Silk Exchange" whereby law all "First Sale" of raw silk has to be conducted as per the fake watches provisions of The Karnataka Silk Worm Seed Cocoon and Silk Yarn (Regulation of production, supply, distribution and sale) Act 1959. This was done with the cheap watches intention of stabilising the prices of Silk yarn.